Products from German manufacturers

Germany has a long tradition of craftsmanship and design. Unfortunately, in recent years more attention has been paid to imports from overseas, so that many old traditional companies either had to give up or were no longer considered.

We've had the experience that customers describe our store as a trip down memory lane. Yes, but all these wonderful craft products are made for the future. Buying products from German manufacturers, which are also manufactured here in Germany, primarily means that jobs are secured. Regional and local purchasing is sustainable, without long transport routes and, above all, real handicraft products, from manufacturers with almost a hundred years of experience and workshops with trained specialists, are of high quality and therefore durable, i.e. made for generations.

For us, it's the attic finds, be it wooden toys, handmade stuffed animals , lovingly made dolls, high-quality ceramics, linen cloths or glassware from the glass blowing workshop. All of these are products that don't have to come from overseas. They are produced here in Germany, by our artisans and skilled hands.

High-quality. Particularly. Durable.

Yes, products from Germany are sometimes more expensive. But we also don't need three dolls, various cuddly toys and plastic cars that break down after driving three times. Wooden vehicles are sturdy, made from natural materials and can be refurbished as needed. Dolls from German doll manufacturers can also go to the doll doctor on site if the sleeping eye is stuck or the voice fails. Cuddly toys, realistically made. Pre-observed, drawn and handcrafted.

consumption versus throwing away.

In further articles we will present some German and European manufacturers and show that it is worth taking a look and consciously consuming.

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