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Toff & Zürpel Manufaktur Dresden

Beeswax cloth Charity "RAINBOW" colorful, cotton-beeswax-pine resin-coconut oil, 42x36 cm

Beeswax cloth Charity "RAINBOW" colorful, cotton-beeswax-pine resin-coconut oil, 42x36 cm

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With these sustainable beeswax cloths from Dresden, food can be stored hygienically and durable. Vegetable supplies, provisions for the festival, grandma's cake, bread from the baker. Pack plastic-free and sustainably. An alternative to aluminum foil and cling film. Reusable and long lasting.
Raw meat and raw fish should not be placed in a beeswax wrap.
Please clean beeswax cloths with clear water.

Manufactured in Dresden.

colorful - large / 42 x 36 cm

Falk and Hannes donate €2 per charity beeswax cloth to the “Verein zur Förderung des Wangeliner Garten e. V.”, for its preservation as a near-natural teaching garden.

How can I clean the beeswax wrap?
You can remove light soiling by holding the beeswax cloth under cold running water. If it's very dirty, the best thing to do is use our natural household soap:
If you want to use a different detergent, only ever use cold water and make sure that the detergent is alcohol-free, because alcohol would dissolve the coating. When washing and drying, please do not wring or crumple!
Before the next use, you should let it air dry or wipe it gently with a towel.
If necessary, the beeswax cloth can be disinfected with vinegar.

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