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Elias Glashütte

Carafe, jug forest glass green, 23 cm high, 1 l volume

Carafe, jug forest glass green, 23 cm high, 1 l volume

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A glass jug for her cold, clear water. Too boring? Then a spritzer or delicious, cold cocoa. Stylish for every laid table. Traditional craft. The imprint of the workshop-typical glove in the glass becomes the personal signature of the respective glassmaker. It is a reference to the individual manufacture of the product and at the same time offers a good grip when the glass is used. Forest glass is potash glass which is colored greenish by iron oxides.

Please note: that due to the manual work, bubbles, streaks, dimensional, color and shape deviations can occur, which are intended and signs of traditional manufacturing work.

The pitcher is for sale here. You can get the drinking glass and the glass drinking straws via the link.
Color green
Material: forest glass
Size: about 23 cm high
Capacity: approx. 1000 ml
Hand wash with warm water. Not in the dishwasher. Remove lime residues with warm salt and vinegar water.
Manufactured in Lauscha.

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